How does this help migrating cranes?

BFDs wrap around overhead electrical power wires and provide images that birds can see. They help migrating cranes by making power lines more visible so the birds won't collide with them.

The Firefly reflective tag that hangs from the power line, is visible in low light conditions, the time when collisions are most common.

Usually both the BFD and the Firefly are used together at different intervals on the power lines. Flying into hard-to-see power lines is a leading cause of death for migrating Whooping cranes. BFDs will help keep the skies safer for cranes.

Bird flight diverters - These markers increase the diameter of the power line, making it easier for birds to see and avoid the lines.

Firefly bird markers- These markers can be seen by birds in low light conditions and reflect both natural and ultraviolet light, allowing birds to adjust their flight path before coming into contact with the line, thus avoiding a collision.

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Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the
Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership.