Preparing for Migration
Keeping Crane Chicks Healthy


  Here's what we know:

The helpers in gray put a loose-fitting hood over a chick's face and eyes. Then they bring it to the veterinarian's tent. (The vets and staff can then work more easily because they don't need to wear the bulky costumes.)

NO talking is aloud when a bird is so close. Only very soft whispering is okay.

The staff works quickly and carefully to inspect the bird for injuries, draw blood to test, and insert a microchip so they can always identify birds.

What else happens at the health check? Click on the photo and take a guess. Next, go here to find out!

Journaling Questions

  • Why do you think no talking is aloud when a whooping crane chick is so close to people?
  • Why do you think cranes are not allowed to see humans who aren't wearing costumes?

Photo Credits: WCEP

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the
Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership.