Preparing for Migration
Keeping Crane Chicks Healthy

  Here's what's happening, and why:

The handlers use a good guy/bad guy approach!

The birds have come to know and trust the handlers in white costumes. That bond is important for cranes to learn to survive and migrate with the ultralight.

To make sure the whoopers don't fear and lose trust in their handlers, the "bad guys" (the ones who bring the birds to a stressful health check) wear gray costumes instead of white ones.

Journaling Question

  • Write down four words or phrases to describe how you think a whooping crane's body (inside and outside) might respond to a handler in a gray costume.
  • What different types of stresses might a wild crane and a captive-raised crane experience?

Photo Credits: WCEP

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the
Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership.