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Journey North Whooping Crane Booklets and Slide Shows for Kids
Eastern Flock
Also see Western Flock

Hands-on, easy entries to Journey North, these printable nonfiction booklets provide foundational background information at a simplified reading level. They're designed to help build reading skills and support standards. Just download, print and assemble the booklet of your choice. Put it into kids' hands or share as a read-aloud. Use these booklets as simple catalysts to discover the rich resources on the Journey North Web site. You can also set up the matching slide shows on computers, project them for the entire class, or print them out.

Fall Migration (Booklets/Slideshows)
How to Make Booklets

Whooping Crane Comeback!
Who Am I?
Off to Flight School Finding Their Wings
Life at "Camp O.M."
Meet the New Eastern Flock
Countdown to Migration
Taylor Flies With
the Cranes
Setting Up the Travel Pen
Operation Migration Visits Grade 2
gNadia Helps the Cranes
Winter Home:
St. Marks NWR

How's This for a Crazy Costume?

Frosty Wings:
A Problem
Spring Return: What's Next?
The Engine That Quit
The Banding of Wild Chick W1-10
Crane General (Booklets/Slideshows)
Photo gallery of annual cycle
Whooping Crane Annual Cycle
The Big Egg Hunt:
Saving Whooping Cranes
Eastern Cranes
On the Florida Wintering Grounds
Captive Cranes:
Two Chicks Get a New Home
Whooping Crane Identification
The First Family
in the New Eastern Flock
Crane ID:
Would You Know a Whooper?
Black & White Birds
Which are Cranes?
Whooping Crane Kids: Learning Life's Lessons
Whooping Cranes  
The Adventures
of DAR #46-07
When Cranes Get Sick: The Story of #735
Arrival Health Checks and Banding
Watching Walking Whoopers

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