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How We Got Started

"In the fall of 2008 I had a parent mention, just in passing, that nearby St. Marks NWR was going to be a new winter home for the endangered Whooping crane. The parent gave me the link to Journey South. I discovered the site was so well done that I incorporated it immediately into my Science curriculum for the entire 3rd grade.

"When the Class of 2008 arrived at St. Marks NWR in January 2009, I was standing there in the dawn's light, in the FREEZING cold, waiting...and the moment the first ultralight and cranes came into sight my eyes welled up with tears. I had no idea how deeply that moment would affect me!! I had watched those "babies" for months on their journey and there they were!"

Whooping cranes arrive at their winter home on St. Marks NWR in Florida.
"This picture shows the first class that came to “my backyard” to winter in St. Marks. From that point on I was hooked!" —Claire Timm