Whooping Crane Trade Books

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Whoop Dreams: The Historic Migration by Jane Duden, 2003. Photos by Operation Migration. Excerpts from pilot field journal and fascinating facts document the historic first human-assisted migration of an endangered species in 2001. Maps, bios of the first group of ultralight cranes.
Whooping Crane Images from the Wild by Klaus Nigge, 2010. National Geographic phototographer's images of the natural flock on their Texas wintering grounds and their Canadian nesting grounds.

Threat to the Whooping Crane: On the Verge of Extinction by Susan Sales Harkins, 2009. Aransas/Wood Buffalo flock and crane natural history. Younger readers.

The Whooping Crane: Help Save This Endangered Species! by Alison Embriaco, 2006. Ages 9-12. Good background for the teacher and good for older students.

Old Bill, the Whooping Crane by Joseph Wharton Lippincott, 1958. Old Bill, Number 24 in the last flock of Whooping Cranes left alive in the USA in the late 1950's, was shot by a casual poacher but still survived. This is the story of those last 24 great cranes and the people who fought to help them survive as a species.

The Whooping Crane: A Comeback Story by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, 1988, with photos by William Muñoz (Clarion, 9-12 ).
Saving the Whooping Crane by Susan E. Goodman, 2007, with illustrations by Phyllis V. Saroff. Young readers.