Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

Migration Sightings of the Wood Buffalo/Aransas Whooping Cranes

Fall 2001

Contributed by Tom Stehn, ANWR

October 21-22: 4 birds near Cheyenne Bottoms SWA, KS

October 22: 4 birds in Burleigh County, ND

October 22: 2 birds in Emmons County, ND

October 23: the 10/22 pair were joined by a family group at same location in
Emmons County, ND

October 23: 1 bird at Quivira NWR, KS

October 23: 1 bird on the Platte River, Audubon Sanctuary near Kearney, NE

October 22-24: 1 bird at Hackberry Flats, OK

The group of 5 birds in Emmons County, ND, apparently remained at the site through the snowstorm that hit ND this week. Only a couple of inches in the area where the birds were, but up to 10" in eastern ND. Nebraska only got strong NW winds. Sounds like nice weather for the next 5 days in Nebraska.

October 25: 8 adult and 0 young whooping cranes present at Aransas

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