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November 29, 2004
Migration Day 51

Possible Afternoon Flight Today
Photo OM

It's 46 degrees F and 70% overcast with winds  SSE @ 26mph. They're standing down for the morning in Walker County, GA. The team might try for an late afternoon flight of 18 miles. They are eager to get out of these ridges, which create unstable winds. What conditions would have to change for them to fly later today? Keep your fingers crossed!

Hearing From the Team: Audio Clip
What's the best part about traveling with the migration? Many people ask Heather this question. She says it's the sheer joy each day they have the privilege of seeing these awe-inspiring cranes flyiing toward their new winter habitat, plus the method they are traveling, and sharing with the fantastic people they join at each of their stopover locations. And here's pilot Joe Duff, telling you how he feels about what he does:

Audio Clip: Joe Duff Talks About Flying With the Cranes

Map the Migration
Make your own map using the latest migration data

Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Have you updated your migration charts with the weekend reports?
  • The ridges in this area are troublesome for both pilots and ground crew. The ground crew deals with twists and turns and hills and valleys—not to mention TRAFFIC—for an estimated 1656 miles during the migration. That's 431 miles more by ground than by air. If you were on the team, what would you like best about traveling with the migration? Would you be a pilot, or with the ground crew? Why?

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