Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

November 29, 2003
Day 45

Still Grounded at Stopover 15
This is day 4 of "no-fly days" at Hiwassee Refuge in Tennessee.

The migration remains stalled in Meigs County by un-flyable conditions. It's cloudy and cold, with winds blowing out of the northwest at 10-12 mph. Winds aloft are even swifter, at 20 mph.

Meanwhile, Heather had this scolding for Mother Nature: "All we're asking for is a nice little weather front; it doesn't matter which—we'll take either a high pressure system, OR a low pressure system, as long as you can arrange for it to stick around for a few days. Is that too much to ask?" (Come back tomorrow to see if Heather carries any weight with Mother Nature!)

Try This! Journaling Questions
  • When do you predict Crane #214, who just began her migration yesterday, will arrive in Florida? Will she beat the 2003 cranes with the ultralight? Record your prediction in your journal.
  • Over the past 45-days, suitable migrating conditions have happened on only 15 days. Watch the weather maps and keep your fingers crossed for a big improvement! When do you predict this year's arrival date at Chassahowitzka?

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