Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

November 28, 2004
Migration Day 50

Still Too Windy
Photo OM

All 14 cranes are still hunkered down in Walker County, Georgia. Winds this morning are out of the NNW—the right direction—but blowing at an unsteady 18-25mph. Heather says, "We'd just be inviting trouble if we were to attempt to gather our 14 gangly young Whooping cranes and expect them to form up on the ultralights in the too-windy conditions." The migration is at 746.4 statute miles and holding. Tomorrow looks better!

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Map the Migration
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Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Last year's longest flight was 200 miles in one day! What's the average mileage covered per day on the days they've flown so far? How many days were no-fly?
    Oct. 10 24.8
    Oct. 11 22.7
    Oct. 13 46.3
    Oct. 21 35.9
    Oct. 24 62.4
    Oct. 31 56.8
    Nov. 5 92.3
    Nov. 7 55.5
    Nov. 8 47.0
    Nov. 13 21.0
    Nov. 14 27.2
    Nov. 15 42.2
    Nov. 16 54.7
    Nov. 17 63.4
    Nov. 18 45.0
    Nov. 26 49.2

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