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November 24, 2003
Day 40

Standing Down for Rain

Today is the fourth day of delayed departures in Cumberland County, Kentucky. A weather system moving across this location from the southwest is dumping rain this morning, so they're staying put. Temperatures are expected to drop tonight across the Midwest and into Tennessee, which will bring winds from the north. With luck, this could help the ultralight-led cranes get going again. We also hope it will convince Crane #214, the only "ultra-crane" that has not yet begun the journey south--to get moving! Check back tomorrow!

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Try This! Journaling Question
  • The migration faces the tough challenge of rising above and crossing over Walden Ridge on the next leg of their journey. In the wild, the birds could climb with the air of thermals, but now they have to flap their wings. The ultralights are equipped with vertical speed indicators. "With full power the airplanes can climb at 750 to 1000 feet per minute," says OM pilot Joe Duff, "but the birds can only climb about 100 feet per minute." Getting them up to 4000 feet takes a long time and uses a lot of their energy." How long might it take the birds to climb up to 4000 feet so they can clear the mountain ridges safely?
  • Have you caught up with the important journaling challenges that appeared in our Saturday and Sunday reports?

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