Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

November 21, 2001
Day 36

Over 1,000 Miles!

Meet the Flock!
Operation Migration

Well, the new Eastern flock didn't cross into Floriday today, but they're 60.1 miles closer! Helped by tailwinds from the NW, six birds flew for 1 hour and 34 minutes. (That's pretty good in the warm Georgia air.) They are now in Cook County, GA at stop #19. Today's flight put the total distance flown at 1040.1 miles! The team is hoping for arrival at Chassahowtizka National Wildlife Refuge on Monday, November 26. What's YOUR prediction?

Dan Sprague, who has been with the chicks since before they hatched, talks about the ups and downs in a journal entry. He also tells how a visit from a very special visitor raised his spirits. Read it here:

Try This! Journaling Question

  • Read Dan's comments about Ups and Downs on this migration. If you were a member of the flight team, what would you describe as the highlights? the lowlights?

Map the Migration
Make your own map using the latest
migration data

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