Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

November 18, 2003
Day 34

No News and Bad News
Still grounded. Photo OM

The weather in Adair County, Kentucky is overcast and warm with intermittent showers. Winds are out of the South at 15 mph. What decision would YOU make about flying today? Good choice--and the Operation Migration Pilots agree with you. This is the fourth day of delay here, and the team is eager to move on to Tennessee.

If there's no news from Adair County, and there's bad news from Texas, where the Aransas/Wood Buffalo flock has been arriving for winter. Friday, November 14, a migrating adult Whooping crane was shot dead by a hunter near Ennis, Texas. Since this is an endangered species, a USFWS Special Agent was notified and is currently handling the case. Why is this Whooper's death such alarming news?

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Try This! Journaling Question
  • What adult Whooper did you predict was seen by Heather at Hiwassee in yesterday's journal question? Heather let us know today that it turned out to be the elusive 2001 female #7!
  • When do you predict the weather will allow the migration team to travel again? (Tornado warnings have been issued for various counties in Tennessee today, only 54 weeks after an intense round of damaging tornados cut a swath of destruction through several small communities. When they arrived in TN last fall, the migration team witnessed the aftermath.)

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