Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

November 15, 2002
Day 34

Stopped by Rain


Photo OM, WCEP

After flying four great days in a row, the birds and pilots are grounded by rain and headwinds. This is Friday, and since Monday the team has covered 217.5 miles from Indiana to Tennessee--where they got a special kind of welcome yesterday. Remember the walk-a-thon fundraiser put on by the folks in Tennessee? (See Nov. 13 report.) As the ultralights and birds passed overhead into Tennessee just outside Byrdstown, they could have looked down to see two special people waiting for them. There stood Mr. and Mrs. Hassler, 2300 ft. below the planes and cranes. The 80-something-year-old couple would have been the first participants in the recent Whooping Cranes Over Tennessee walk-a-thon. When Mr. Hassler suffered a heart attack before the event, Mr.s Hassler walked and he cheered her on from his hospital bed. By November 14, he was well enough to come out with her to welcome the cranes high overhead as they flew into his home state. Maybe this is a good place to rest up before continuing the journey south!

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Try This! Journaling Questions
  • What's your tally of no-fly days so far? What's the longest flight so far? Where was the team last year on this date?
  • The highest altitude attained this week in crossing the ridges was 2300 feet. Just how high is that? Take a look at our altitude chart (below) and you'll understand more. Then write a few sentences to explain the birds' flight in your journal. Here's the link to the altitude chart:

    Up, Up and Away: From Skyscrapers to Outer Space

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