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November 14, 2002
Day 33

Now in Tennessee!




Which cranes might be getting tired? Photos OM, WCEP

The migration is over half way with 45.1 miles flown today. (Four flying days in a row sounds like the start of some good luck.) The birds left Adair County, KY at 7:22 a.m. CST and landed in Fentress Co. TN 1 hour and 54 minutes later. Once again, all 16 birds flew, despite a slight crosswind.

Did you notice that the team crossed Kentucky in just two days? Heather reminds us, "What a huge difference compared to Wisconsin, which seemed to hold us in its grip forever, and Indiana that appeared intent on blowing us back north."

The Tennessee terrain brought some real challenges on last year's migration. To read about the Tennessee days, check the map for Last Fall (below) to identify the dates. Then click here for those days' reports.

Last Fall

This Fall

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Try This! Journaling Questions
  • The total distance at Adair County, KY stood at 577.1 miles. Including today's flight, how far has the migration traveled?
  • These aren't the only Whoopers moving now. Thanks to radio transmitters on the leg bands, we know that Crane #6 is now migrating. One of the five yearlings cranes in the first ultralight migration, this bird moved south two days ago by about 140 miles from a staging area in Marquette County, WI to Kenosha County in southeast WI. Number 6 is in the company of Sandhill cranes. All five yearling cranes will be tracked on their journey south by Richard Urbanek, USFWS and ICF interns Lara Fondow and Colleen Satyshur. Do you think the yearlings will return to the same area of Chassahowitzka where they spent their first winter last year? What's your prediction for their arrival date? Do you think they'll beat the HY (hatch year) 2002 whoopers? Why do you think the founding members of the new Eastern reintroduced flock are still being tracked?

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).

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