Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

November 9, 2004
Migration Day 31

Delayed by Headwinds at Last Stop in Wind-iana
Today was sunny and 32 degrees, but frost was on the wings. Photo Operation Migration

Northwinds were expected today as Muscatatuck NWR in Jennings County, IN, where hopeful folks gathered to see the take off from this final stop in Indiana. Instead, once airborne the pilots met with 12-mph headwinds. They're standing down. Will tomorrow be the day they leave Indiana and cross into Kentucky? They've come 443.7 statute miles.

Map the Migration
Make your own map using the latest migration data

Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Young crane in Alberta, Canada.
    (Thank you, Edwina Reid.)
    This photo shows one of the Western flock juveniles over Fort McMurray, Alberta last week. While driving, two Canadian citizens saw the bird on the roadside. They got out and the bird flew away, but they quickly snapped this photo. How can you be sure it's a Whooping crane? Do you think it is migrating alone from Canada to Texas? Use what you know about the first migration of whooper chicks to explain why or why not.
  • Yesterday we asked, "Why is it colder at high altitudes,which are closer to the sun?" Compare the answer you wrote with this one: Sunlight, or solar energy, comes through most of the atmosphere without warming it much. Sunlight does warm the ground or water when it hits them, however. The warm ground or water then warms the air next to it. The farther from the ground, the cooler the air usually is.
  • Yesterday we told you about the start of #418's migration, an unusual story. OM friend and tracking pilot Mike Voechting has been tracking #418 through Indiana. The youngster apparently was traveling with 4 Sandhill cranes. Write why you think this is good. What could be a downside?

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