Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

November 8, 2002
Day 27

Teams Grounded by High Winds


Yearling Cranes Still in Wisconsin

Today's weather is not good for flying. Southwest winds mean warmer temperatures, and a headwind. The flock is still divided, with 13 birds in Hendricks County and the other 3 birds 24 miles to the south in Morgan County, Indiana. Brooke, Joe, Dan, Mark and Heather are in Hendricks County. Bill, Richard, Kelly, Brian and a few others, inlcluding top cover pilot Paula, are in Morgan County. Their goal is to fly both groups of birds to the same location and get the flock together again as soon as possible. Will the weather let them fly tomorrow?

Meanwhile, what are the five yearling cranes up to? The ICF site carries frequent reports on this flock. Four of the five are still hanging around Necedah. The solo female (#7) is still in the east-central Wisconsin marsh where she's been all summer and fall. Cranes #1 and #2 don't seem to mind the many snow showers of October and November. They are still hanging around Necedah. Crane #5 shifted farther south and east, appearing in the same feeding areas in Marquette County, WI, where #6 was staying until he drifted five or six miles east. Both birds are with the many sandhill cranes still in Wisconsin. Jim Harris of ICF predicts they will be leaving in the "teens of November." What do you think?

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Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Why do you think the team wants to get the flock together as soon as possible? List two or more reasons.

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