Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

November 7, 2002
Day 26

Two Groups Now

Pre-flight Meeting


13 Cranes with Richard in Hendricks Co., IN
Photos OM for WCEP

With the lead trike calling the cranes over its speaker, the migration finally got out of Boone County! After three days grounded, everyone was eager to go. Take-off was late (9:40 a.m.) due to headwinds and light fog, and once underway the excitement began. To make a long story shorter, the birds split into two groups. A group with 13 birds flew 32 miles and landed in Hendrix County, Indiana with two pilots. The second group of 3 birds flew 56 miles and landed in Morgan County, IN with two pilots. This wasn't in the plans, so you can imagine that the team is discussing what to do tomorrow. Luckily, you'll recall that this migration is equipped with two traveling pens!

Come along for a flight--or at least listen in on the radio talk! Heather sent us a collection of radio talk and we put them together so you could hear how pilots communicate during ultralight flights. Remember: these are small, open planes so the sound quality will reflect that. You will hear the ultralight engine. Can you pick out some of these comments in the audio clip, plus some that we missed? (It helps to turn up the volume.)

  • Now airborne. What's your altitude?
  • Light and variable. If anything its out of the northeast showing a no a tailwind wind no headwind situation.
  • Roger
  • We've got 15 birds, Joe. That last bird is trying to catch you...
  • There he goes. Go, baby (Heather, on the ground)
  • Okay, they're rejoining you, Joe. One on your left--the rest on your right
  • Yeah, Roger.

Audio Clip: Some Pilot Communications During Ultralight Flights

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Map the Migration
Make your own map using the latest migration data

Try This! Journaling Questions
  • If you were on the team, what plans would you make for tomorrow's flight, weather permitting?
  • When the birds left Boone County, they'd flown 335.5 miles. What's the mileage total for group 1? Group 2?

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