Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

November 2 , 2003
Day 18

Wind Turns Cranes Back to Morgan County
No flying today.

Have you ever started out on a journey and then had to turn back? That's what happened to the cranes today. Indian(a) summer continues today with warm south winds blowing at 10 knots aloft. Conditions on the ground this morning seemed perfect. The few leaves still left on the trees weren't moving. So the planes and cranes got airborne--and then discovered a surprise. Winds aloft blew at 10 knots! At that rate, it would have taken two or more hours to reach the next planned stopover. Since that was a bad idea in the warm Indiana weather, the trikes turned back to Morgan County with all 16 birds following. They'll see what tomorrow brings.

Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Did you make a tally mark for another no-fly day on your migration chart? Now see Heather Ray's chart with day-by-day comparisons for all three migrations. Use Heather's chart to find out where the migration was on this date last year. What day of the migration was November 2 last year? What's the main reason why the progress isn't the same each year?


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