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November 1, 2002
Day 20

Windy and Cold: Hanging Out


Just Hanging Out
Photo OM for WCEP

Brrr. It's a chilly 30 degrees F, with cold winds from the west. Everyone is spending the day on the ground and hoping to fly again tomorrow.

No word today on the yearling cranes, but from the migration trail of the main flock of whoopers come these news updates. Tom Stehn reports: An aerial census of the Aransas NWR and surrounding areas made October 31st, 2002 estimated the number of whooping cranes present at 19 adults + 1 chick."

FWS biologist Wally Jobman says, "The birds are strung out from North Dakota to Texas right now. Just heard we have a family group in Custer County, Nebraska on the Middle Loup River. Lots of birds have been reported stopping at Salt Plains NWR in Oklahoma. There was a huge migration yesterday, long strings of snow geese, white-fronts, Canada geese, and sandhill cranes." Migration is in full swing!

Last Fall

This Fall

Map the Migration
Make your own map using the latest
migration data

Try This! Journaling Question
  • What's the average milage covered per day on the 7 days the cranes and planes have flown?

    Oct. 13 21.6 miles
    Oct. 16 23.0 miles
    Oct. 20 47.2 miles
    Oct. 20 47.9 miles
    Oct. 20 47.9 miles
    Oct. 20 56.3 miles
    Oct. 20 43.3 miles

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