Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

October 28, 2003
Day 13

Rained Out
Wings down today! Photo OM/WCEP.

It's rainy, windy and cold in Benton County, Indiana today. Operation Migration's Heather Ray says: "I can't imagine any species will be migrating south today. I can guarantee WE won't be!"

Meanwhile, are you wondering what's going on with the 2001 and 2002 ultralight flocks? These birds are not migrating yet, but are still--with a few exceptions--in the core reintroduction area in or near Necedah NWR . Of course, they know their own way south and don't need the ultralights anymore. Below are pictured one bird from HY (hatch year) 2001 and four birds from HY 2002. You'll find the up-to-date history and whereabouts of these individuals on these Journey North pages: Meet the Flock HY 2001 and Meet the Flock HY 2002. To follow the 2001 and 2002 birds' unaided migration south, see periodic updates on the International Crane Foundation's page. Tomorrow we'll give you an update on those wonderful birds in the only remaining natural flock of migratory Whooping cranes, now arriving in Texas from their nesting grounds in Canada's far north.

Adults #102, 205, 208, 216 & 217. Taken October 13 at Necedah NWR
#102 last summer at Necedah NWR. Photos by Heather Ray, OM.

Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Yesterday we asked you why it was so much colder at high altitudes, which are closer to the sun. Compare the answer you wrote with this one: Sunlight, or solar energy, comes through nmost of the atmosphere without warming it much. Sunlight does warm the ground or water when it hits them, however. The warm ground or water then warms the air next to it. The farther from the ground, the cooler the air usually is.
  • Given the answer above, why do you think the ultralights must fly at sunrise or very early in the day?

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