Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

October 27, 2003
Day 12

Cranes Reach Indiana
Top: Launch. Bottom: Brooke leading #303. Photos OM/WCEP.

Today the young cranes reached Benton County, Indiana! They flew 43.2 miles--for a grand total of 285.5 miles gone. All sixteen birds launched with Richard van Heuvelen's ultralight this morning at 6:58 central time. Minutes later, two cranes dropped back. Not to worry; Brooke moved in to lend them a wing, and the two (including #303) flew with Brooke the whole way. One hour and 8 minutes later they landed in the formation they held throughout the flight: fourteen off Richard's right wingtip, and two off Brooke's right wingtip. Go cranes!

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Try This! Journaling Question
  • Pilot Joe Duff, keeping an eye out for any dropouts, had only the camera to keep him company today. He said it seems to be much colder up there when you don't have any birds to keep your thoughts on. Why is it colder at high altitudes, which are closer to the sun?

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