Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

October 23, 2002
Day 11

Still Too Windy

Photo OM for WCEP

Today's weather is just like yesterday's, with unstable winds of 10-15 PMH from the northeast. The cranes are too precious to risk flying with ultralights in such winds. And how is injured Crane #1? OM's Heather told us: "#1 is fine.... In fact you wouldn't even know she had a cut and stitches, the way she continues to strut her stuff!"

Meanwhile, last year's ultralight-led Whooping Cranes are still hanging out in Wisconsin and not migrating yet. Yearling Cranes #1 and #2 finally have the training sites to themselves. If they could talk, what fun things do you think they might be saying to each other now that the "young intruders" have gone?

Try This! Journaling Question

  • Green County, Wisconsin was the scene of one of the lowlights of last year's first ultralight migration. It was here, in this same week, that a windstorm tore apart the portable pen. The birds all escaped and the flock's best flyer was killed when she flew into a powerline in the darkness. Read our report from October 26, 2001, which was day 10 of last year's migration. After reading it, write thoughts in your journal about this: This is an experiment and there will always be some risks. If you were on the crew, what would be some of your biggest worries? Why? What do you do in your own life that involves risks, and how do you feel about those risks?

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