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October 22, 2004
Migration Day 13

Standing Down For Headwinds
Down Again Today.
Photo OM

Winds are gusting today from the south/southeast at 10-15 mph. The team and birds will stay put today in their Illinois stopover site.

Winnebago County, IL isn't where the team expected to end up yesterday, but headwinds were the culprit then too. About 50 minutes into yesterday's flight, headwinds increased. The headwinds slowed their ground speed to 26 mph and made it impossible for them to reach their planned stop in Ogle County. Instead they aimed for a new site in Winnebago County. And that's where they'll stay today, too.

Hear Joe explain headwinds and tailwinds: Audio Clip.

Map the Migration
Make your own map using the latest migration data

Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Ground speed is the rate at which the trikes and birds are covering miles as measured by distance on the ground. Write a sentence that explains exactly what 26 mph ground speed means for these flying cranes. (Hint: How long would it take them to fly 26 miles at this speed?) Why did they believe it was "impossible" for them to reach their planned stop in Ogle County yesterday?
  • When the team must stop at a site other than the one they intended, how do you think they choose where to stop?


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