Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

October 17, 2003
Day 2

On the Go!

They're moving right along!

Today the cranes followed the ultralight another 22.6 miles, for a total trip so far of 45.8 miles. It was cool and overcast, with a southwest headwind at 7 mph. The birds are now in Sauk County, Wisconsin. They left this morning at 7:37 and landed at 8:18.

Yesterday Heather Ray told us some good news about Crane #303. The veterinarians at the International Crane Foundation decided that she can be taken by truck to join the migrating birds. "Her condition has stabilized quite nicely to where her lameness is much less of a problem." She will be on "restricted activity for at least another 10 days to facilitate healing of the fracture in her right knee. She will be crated to each migration stopover point and allowed to socialize with the cohort daily. At that point, if her gait remains good, she could resume flying." What wonderful news!

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Try This! Journaling Questions

  • When we were waiting for migration to begin, the cranes were not taking off with headwinds of 7 mph. Why do you think they left today with a headwind? (Hint: Think about what Joe Duff said yesterday about how cranes behave when in unfamiliar areas.)

  • Are you keeping a timeline, and keeping track of the cranes' progress? Based on how far the birds have traveled yesterday and today, and looking at how they progressed last year, how far do you think they'll get next week? Look
    here to see last year'

    s maps and highlights.
    Can you find a weather forecast for Sauk County, Wisconsin? What kind of night might the cranes have tonight? Will they leave tomorrow? Use the weather forecast to explain your prediction.

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