Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

October 16, 2001

No Go!

See the new legbands on the cranes?
Operation Migration

Gusty winds again today delayed the cranes and ultralights from starting their migration. The wind is coming out of the NW, which would provide a nice tailwind, but the air is simply too choppy to fly. The pilots did a quick test-flight just to be sure. Once they reached 400-500 ft. altitude, it became clear that the birds would have a rough flight--not something they would enjoy on the first leg of the journey south! Departure is set for tomorrow, weather permitting.

Meanwhile, everyone waits. Among other things, they wonder how #4 will perform. When the birds flew 27 minutes on October 12, #4 did not care to join his flockmates. The crew has learned that whooping cranes don't always follow the rules. Pilot Joe Duff wrote in the October 14 log, "The excitement of covering new ground should keep them attentive but that thing about whooping cranes and rules has us worried. We have assembled a group of dedicated volunteers, biologists, behaviourists, and pilots. Combined, we represent the world's leading experts in crane ecology and we take consolation in the fact that if we canít accomplish this, it can't be done. Funny how that thought doesn't help much."

Audio Clip
Hear Deke talk about the weather and migration.
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Try This! Journaling Question
  • The winds today were 10 to 15 knots from the NW. How many miles per hour is the wind blowing? (Knots X 1.1508 = MPH.)

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