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October 11, 2004
Migration Day 2

Cranes Go Another 22.7 Miles into WI
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The migration is off to a good start, with two flight days in a row. Each day is a new adventure. Today the birds made a poor exit from the pen and only five birds launched with Brooke's ultralight. Joe Duff quickly moved in to gather the second group, and all nine birds launched with his trike. Richard van Heuvelen flew chase.

Then the drama began! Early into the flight, the pilots separated when the birds broke away or dropped off. Crane #402 dropped out SE of the departure site. He was crated for transport. Crane #407 dropped south of Hwy 136 and along the shore of Wisconsin River after encountering a light fog bank--only 2.2 miles short of today's destination. Dan Sprague and helper Tatiana Zhuchkova (here from Russian to learn about ultralight-led migrations) retrieved and crated this crane.          
They flew 22.7 miles to Sauk County, Wisconsin.  How many total miles of the journey have the young cranes traveled in these two days?

Map the Migration
Make your own map using the latest migration data

Try This! Journaling Question
  • What notes will you add to your migration comparison chart after today's flight? Do you think cranes 402 and 407 will have a tough time on the migration?
  • Use the Internet to find a weather forecast for Sauk County, Wisconsin. What kind of night might the cranes have tonight? Will they leave tomorrow? Use the weather forecast to explain your prediction.


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