Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

October 11 , 2003
Migration Target Date +3

Fourth Day Delayed
Imagine it's you!

Don't give up, but it's the same news today: too windy to go. It's warm and hazy, with the winds at 8 knots out of the south and southwest. The cranes haven't flown with the aircraft since October so the pilots tried to conduct a training flight this morning before the winds picked up too much. But once airborne and on their way from the Necedah hangar to the north training site, Brooke announced that it was just too trashy to attempt a flight. It would be dangerous for cranes and pilots. Better luck tomorrow. Stay with us!

Try This! Journaling Question
  • The pilots call the air "trashy" when it is not a good day to fly. Imagine you are in the ultralight, wearing your lap belt but completely exposed on all sides to the open air. You control the plane by gripping the horizontal bar that "steers" the large wing above you. Fifteen rare birds, 5 feet tall with 7-8 foot wingspans, fly so near that the lead bird is only 6 inches from the wingtip of your ultralight! The winds aloft bump and toss, then lift and drop your plane. You grip the horizontal bar with all your strength to try to keep the plane steady in the winds, but it's a tough job. What do you think "trashy air" would feel like? What would be the dangers? Write a descriptive paragragh of flying in trashy air, with a topic sentence that tells the main idea of your paragraph.
  • Winds today were at 8 knots out of the south and southwest. How many miles per hour is that? Formula: Knots X 1.1508 = miles per hour (mph)

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