Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

October 7, 2002

Best Flight So Far!

Photo Operation Migration

Today all 17 cranes flew behind Joe's trike for 14 minutes and 32 seconds. They weren't even tired when they landed. How much flight time are they getting? We asked Heather and she gave us the scoop: They flew on October 1 but not October 2, 3, or 4. They flew October 5 but not October 6. So today's flight showed the cranes have made great progress.

Last year's yearling cranes should be itching to migrate. Sure enough, Cranes #1 and #2 were seen today spiraling on thermals with some Sandhill Cranes! Will Cranes #1 and #2 migrate with the Sandhills wherever they're headed, or will they go their own way to Florida? If they go to Florida, will they follow the route they flew behind the ultralight last fall, or the more direct route they returned on this spring, or find a new route? So many possibilities! Stay tuned.

Try This! Journaling Question

  • What's your prediction about the route the yearling cranes will take this fall?

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