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August 6, 2002


2001's Crane #2, Hanging Out
Photo WCEP

How goes the battle for territory with last year's yearling cranes? Operation Migration team leader Joe Duff reports that last year's Crane #2 is still hanging around. She's on the runway almost every day.

It's not easy. Joe describes: "She lopes ahead, faster than we are. Mark chased her across the ridge. She flew back to the runway and I chased her with the plane. Then she flew to the marsh and watched. A wild sandhill flew at her and chased her off. She was at site 2 runway when we got there to fly the younger group! The crew squirts her with water from soakers under their costumes. She doesn't like the soaking."

But last year's Crane #2 is slowly learning the lesson that all yearling cranes must learn. She's no longer unison calling and not giving big strong aggressive displays. Joe says, "We never give her a moment's peace when we're there. We chase her off like parents will do. We're hoping she'll set up a territory nearby. That would be great because she'd chase off other birds--which will help us!"

Try This! Journaling Question
  • Find out a bit more about Crane #2 on our Meet the Flock page from last year. What predictions do you make for this crane's life?

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