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May 21, 2002

Hello, World! All Chicks Hatched


Crane #18 gets checked for dehydration, 1 day old
Patuxent WRC


Crane #7, 25 days old

Today the 18th and final egg hatched. The HY2002 flock is complete!

Newly hatched chicks are weighed daily the first 7 days. That's how the biologists make sure they're not growing too fast, which results in their legs going out from under them. They can't survive if that happens. Dehydration is also a danger. In this photo the vet checks one-day-old Crane #18 for dehydration. The vet gently pinches the skin on the hock and then releases it. If the skin stays pinched, it is a sign that the chick needs more fluids. If the skin bounces back to its normal state, it means the chick's fluid levels are fine.

Try This! Journaling Questions

  • What is the age range of the HY2002 flock? (Look at the chart (URL below) to find all hatch dates. The age range is the number of days between the first hatching and the final hatching.) Which chicks are the same ages? What are some reasons why the project leaders pay close attention to the age range of the chicks?

  • Look at the garb of the veterinarians and handlers in the photo. Why are they dressed like this?

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