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Classroom Teachers Share Photos and Activities

"While this tragedy is the exact OPPOSITE of the outcome we wanted for our cranes, it has provided some amazing teachable moments and opportunities for empathy and personal growth. "What teachers do with their students, in the wake of the cranes' deaths, is probably more important than all that was done during the actual migration... because how we handle student grief will ultimately determine how the entire migration experience is remembered by students." Margaret Black


After the Storm: Life Lessons for Primary Students
Margaret Black, Grade 2/3
Harriett Todd P.S.
Orillia, Ontario, Canada


Hands-on Healing
Lori Trout, Grade 4
Kennedy Montessori Elementary School
Louisville, Kentucky



Healing Through Outreach
Abby Studnicka, Home School Teacher

Chillicothe, Illinois


"Penny War" Fundraiser
Wendy Dudley and Heidi Hartman, Grade 4
Alexander Middle School
Nekoosa, Wisconsin


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