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What Predators Go For Cranes?


Cranes Beware!
Whooping cranes eat a wide variety of foods, both plant and animal, and they in turn are prey for predators.

Whooping cranes have fearsome beaks and claws, but they may fall victim to predators if they are sick, unable to fly, or not roosting safely in water. Eggs and chicks can be preyed upon too. How does the team try to keep the young cranes safe? What predators lurk in the cranes' Wisconsin and Florida habitat

Ranger Jennifer Rabuck

Ranger Jennifer Rabuck talks more about predators: Hear audio clip >>


Try This! Discussion or Journal Questions

  • What are two ways the team tries tokeep the crane chicks-in-training safe from predators?
  • How do wild Whooping cranes protect themselves from predators? For help with your answer, find clues in Jennifer's audio clip and read more about Roosting.

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