Whooping Crane Whooping Crane

Whooping Cranes’ Journey
by Mrs. Cantor’s Second Grade Class
May, 2004

From the brink of extinction
Whooping cranes soar,
building a wild flock.
Remembering the day they emerged from their eggs,
Sheltered by costumed caretakers.
Fuzzy down feathers are replaced
by glistening golden, and then
delicate, snowy white feathers,
as they imprint on their disguised human helpers.
Trailing ultralight aircraft,
the cohorts learn to fly.
Days shorten, trees frost over,
Instinct alerts them, it’s time to depart.
Winds whirl, capturing their breath,
shattering storms stall them.
Gliding above fearsome mountains,
They reach their winter home,
searching for blue crabs with sharp, shining eyes,
free to fly, yet protected from predators.
Days lengthen, the blazing sun signals,
The world is waiting…
From the brink of extinction,
Whooping cranes soar
into a hopeful future.

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