How to Identify the Ultralight

What things help you recognize your family car when you see it? How can you recognize whose ultralight you see in Operation Migration photos? Here are some ways to know who is flying the ultralight:

1. Color of the Wing's Leading Edge. (Chris's is green. Brooke's is red. Richard's is orange. Joe's is yellow.)

2. "N" Number (USA License Number) on the Wing Post. (Ultralight pilots and planes must be licensed, just like road drivers and vehicles. These numbers go with the photos and names in the same positions on this page.)

3. The Pilot's Name on the Body of the Trike

Journal Questions/Activities

  • Why do you think ultralights have identifiers on them? Tell the "N" number and wing color for each of the pilots.
  • Why do you think the Operation Migration ultralights are also registered in Canada? What are those letters for each pilot? What do they stand for? Where do they appear? You'll find out when you take our photo quiz: Who's Flying These Ultralights?
  • If you wanted to be a licensed ultralight pilot, what would you need to do?

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).