A New Route in 2008!

The new route (2008) is approximately 1285 miles.
Click on map for a larger view.

How did the migration route change in 2008?

In fall 2008 changes in the route were made for the first time. Do you see that the route will go around the Appalachian Mountains instead of over them? ("Cruising along at 1,000 feet over open fields and flat terrain is far more desirable than the white-knuckled tenseness of two hours over an unbroken panorama of rocks and trees," said Joe Duff.) Look at the map to answer:

1. Which state is on the the migration route for the first time? Which state is no longer on the route?

2. How many winter homes will the crane-kids be delivered to?


Try This! Journal/ Discussion Questions

•Hear pilots Joe and Brooke talk about changes in the route for the first time since they began migrtations in 2001:

Why is the new route called Deke's Way?

Audio Clips: Thanks to Mark Chenoweth of Whooper Happening!