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Annual Nesting Summary, Eastern Migratory Flock
Hatch Year
Adult crane with new chick.
Vickie Henderson
Whooping cranes may nest at age three, but the age of first egg production is usually 4-5 years. Wild cranes normally lay two eggs.



Discussion or Journal Questions
  • The goal is 25 breeding pairs from among at least 125 Whooping cranesfor the new Eastern flock to be self sustaining. WCEP experts hope the goal will be met by 2020. List factors that are necessary for this goal to be reached. How do you think the flock is doing?
  • In several years, some very hot weather happened when several crane pairs were already incubating eggs on nests. The heat promoted the hatching of pesty black flies that tormented the cranes. Cranes got off their nests in efforts to escape the biting flies. If this is indeed a cause of nest failure, what ideas might help the problem?
  • WCEP scientists are continuing to research the nest-failure problem. Read some early thoughts by Joe Duff and compare with your thoughts.

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