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Crane Projects at Alexander Middle School
(Thank you, Wendy Dudley and Heidi Hartman!)

What is a "Craniac?" A craniac is someone who loves to study cranes. That describes the 4th graders and their teachers at Alexander Middle School in Nekoosa, Wisconsin.

Wendy Dudley and Heidi Hartman are teachers at Alexander Middle School in Nekoosa, Wisconsin. They have teamed up to encourage stewardship for "Wisconsin's cranes" through lessons across the curriculum as well as community outreach. They are happy to share their ideas with other teachers who have a passion for the cranes!

"We begin a unit on cranes in the beginning of October. We have approximately 104 students who move from class to class for their different subjects. As we've done in other years, we presented cranes to the children as a cooperative unit, where all subjects and teachers got involved. For example; in science our students learned about the 15 species of cranes and their habitats, etc. In Heidi Hartman's reading class, students read Sadako and a Thousand Paper Cranes and started 'Hartman's Paper Crane Folding Factory' and folded over 1,000 paper cranes. Then, we continued the crane theme in the other subject areas: math, English, and social studies."

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