Getting Ready for the Migration:
Making a Map of Whooping Crane Habitat

Student Handouts
Map of North America

As Journey North begins each February, North America's two Whooping Crane flocks are on their southern wintering grounds. As spring advances they will set off for their northern nesting grounds. Making a map of Whooping Crane habitat helps students grasp the geography involved in these migrations, and prepares them to compare and contrast the migrations.

Laying the Groundwork
Have students read about the two flocks:

Using the maps of North America provided, students:

  • Identify and label the latitude lines.
  • Identify and label the longitude lines.
  • Mark the location of Whooping Crane habitat:
Nesting Grounds
60 North
44 North

Wintering Grounds

100 West
90 West





  • Make a key.
  • Write a title.

Extensions: More Mapping

Using reference sources, add to your map throughout the Journey North season:

  • Add your community to the map.
  • Add important geographic features: rivers, mountain ranges, oceans. . .
  • Add human-built features that could be obstacles or risks to crane migration, as well as wildlife refuges or natural areas that provide good crane habitat for stopovers.