Map the Migration


Maps and Data for Plotting the Migration

First, choose your map and your mapping method.

  • Many teachers simply print and analzye our migration map. The map is found in each daily migration report when the migration is underway, along with a link to the data. (See right.)
  • If mapping skills are your focus, you may want to plot the migration.
  • You may purchase this recommended map, print a blank migration map, or make your own hand-made map.
  • Some teachers plot the migration as a class. Others give students individual maps so they can practice mapping skills themselves.

Information about the cranes' location is provided in each daily migration report. Date, County, State, Latitude, and Longitude are given. Don't be worried if you miss a day or two! Notice the chart includes cumulative data:

Crane Migration Map

Fall 2011

Ways to Analyze the Migration and Maps
Students encounter real-life questions about the migration as they follow the map and the narrative in migration updates. There are many fascinating ways to consider what is happening! As the migration unfolds, teachers can: