New Wings for the Ultralight Planes

Listen! All four ultralight planes got brand new wing in 2006. Why are the new wings so much better than the earlier wings?

This is the Text for Joe Duff's Audio Clip

Joe Duff of Operation Migration

Pilot Joe Duff: All four aircraft are equipped with Northwings. They're a little trickier to fly. Their stall characteristics are different, and their recovery takes a little more space. You can fly them just as slowly. They fly beautifully and there's no kingpost [with wires], so that's the whole thing right there.

Interviewer Mark Chenoweth: So no incidents like with #516 this year with the bird being trapped [in the wires of the old-style wings]

Joe Duff: No, hopefully not.

Hear pilot Joe tell about these new wings on the team's 4 ultralight aircraft.
Operation Migration

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