GPS: A Snapshot in Time

The Operation Migration pilot took this photo of the GPS unit in his ultralight on Day 42 of the 2008 migration. He was in flight to Union County, Kentucky.

After they landed in Union County, the total flight distance from the starting point in Wisconsin was 462 miles, but the photo gives us a snapshot of the exact moment it was taken during the flight. What information did the GPS give the pilot at that moment?

Read the GPS!

1. How fast are they covering ground at this moment (ground speed)?

2. How many miles are they from their destination at Union County, Kentucky?

3. From this location, how long will it take them to reach their destination?

4. TRP D (trip distance, given in miles) shows 724 miles remain before they cover the TOTAL TRIP Distance. What is the total trip distance? (Hint: The distance they've already covered is found on this page.)

5. TRP T (trip time, given in hours/minutes) is based on the airspeed at the moment the photo was taken. At their current speed, how many hours and minutes would the TOTAL TRIP Time be?

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).