Pictures of Cranes to Spark Curiosity

These pictures show cranes doing various things. We hope they'll spark your curiosity. Take a look and have a brainstorm! Challenge yourself to ask at least two questions about each picture.

Whooping crane shares Texas wintering grounds with creatures including deer.
© Klaus Nigge
Whooping crane chick looks at the ultralight airplane that will lead it south instead of a parent crane.
©Operation Migration
These young whooping cranes follow their ultralight-airplane migration leader on first migration.
© C. Linnell
Adult Whooping crane with new chick
© Vickie Henderson
Adult Whooping crane catches a blue crab, its favorite food.
© Alan Murphy
Wild Whooping crane from Western flock on nest in Canada.
© Klaus Nigge
A Whooping crane preening its feathers
© Eva Szyszkoski
Young Whooping crane chick preens its feathers
© Brian Clauss
Baby Whooping crane #903 loves to swim!
© Beverly Paulan
Whooping crane adult with its new chick
© Vickie Henderson
Adult Whooping crane hock sitting
© Klauss Nigge
Cranes roost on one leg.
© Klaus Niggei
Young crane curiously approaches the ultralight plane as it gets used to being near it.
© Operation Migration
Whooping crane's crown crown can get redder to indicate  stress or anger.
© Eva Szyszkoski
Young crane plays with a pumpkin in trabel pen during ultralight-led migration
© Operation Migration