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Comparing Ultralight-Led Migrations



Target date for departure

October 13

Oct. 7 and then Oct. 10

Actual departure

October 17

October 13

Number of birds at takeoff



Number of planes

4: lead, chase, scout, top cover

5: 4 ultralights and 1 top cover
Journey's end

December 3

November 30

Number of birds reaching Florida


16 (See #210)

Total days en route



Number of no-fly days (grounded)



Number of actual flight days



Longest flight

2 hours 9 minutes

2 hours 15 minutes

Shortest flight

38 minutes

44 minutes

Total Miles South



Number of birds surviving winter



Click here for the daily migration reports.

Crane #10 was injured on the first day during flight and euthanized 12 days later.

They got "behind" last year's migration progress at Boone County, Indiana when weather delayed them Nov. 4. But later they made up for lost time and finished in 49 days (compared to 48 days in 2001).

The cranes and planes landed in separate locations on two days, but reunited to fly together again.

Four yearling cranes from last year's ultralight flock beat this year's ultralights and colts to Chassahowitzka, taking just 6 days for their complete migration.

On some days, not all 16 cranes managed to fly. Those who didn't fly had to be driven in ground vehicles. THe record was 9 boxed birds on NOvember 24 when only 3 made the flight successfully!

This year they crossed Georgia in just 3 days. Last year they were stranded there by bad weather on several days.

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