Crane Projects at Paul B. Stephens School,
Clearwater, Florida
(Thank you, Karol Hirschberger!)

"We are having so much fun with the Whooping Cranes," says teacher Karol Hirschberger. Enjoy these photos of students with special needs making the paper bag baby cranes and crane books with their Occupational Therapist, Vera.

From left to right is Daniel with one of our nurses, Diane. Next is Joshua with one of the classroom assistants, Carolyn. Holding the crane quilt is Vera, the Occupational Therapist. Behind her is Tracy, another of our assistants with Cameron. Next to them is Stacey, another classroom assistant. Next to them is Tyler with me (Karol Hirschberger) and Ileana, one our Physical Therapists.
The class is making these paper-bag baby Whooping Cranes!
Cameron is making "Tweedy," his name for crane #735.
Josh feels the feathers on #726, "Big Bird."
Our special needs students need hand-over-hand assistance to participate in educational activities. Here Vera helps Grace work the Whooping Crane book.
Kayla admires "Braveheart," crane #717.
Vera and Cameron adding legs o his Whooping Crane for the book.
Daniel gets ready to put a nametag on "Muscles (#734).