Thank You Evelyn Kelley!
(Avondale Elementary School, Birmingham, Alabama)

"This is a great geography, science and conservation lesson. The children will have this memory for a lifetime.The lessons would not have been the same without Journey North's online pictures, books and weekly updates to keep us informed and reading about the birds. Thanks Journey North!"

When the 2008 journey south went through Alabama, Mrs. Kelley and her class were filmed by Alabama Public Television (APT)! See APT's show on Whooping Cranes!

Bev Paulan and Brooke Pennypacker Visit Mrs. Kelley's Class
"We studied the booklets from Journey North before Operation Migration got to come to our class. We did not know that we would get to have that great experience until they called the morning of their visit!"
"Wow! Adult cranes are five feet tall, or taller!"
"I liked it when Kerry put on his crane costume."
"We got to see how big a Whooping crane egg is."
"It was fun measuring our height compared to the height of the crane."
  "I liked making our mural drawing the crabs and the snakes."