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Winter & Spring
Whooping Crane
Klaus Nigge
Whooping Crane
Klaus Nigge
Whooping Crane
Klaus Nigge
Whooping Crane
Vickie Henderson

Bringing Back the Cranes
What happens during a year in the life of a Whooping crane? We are witnessing an important time for this endangered species. The still-fragile population is slowly climbing from an all-time low of just 15 wild migratory cranes in 1941. The long-term recovery goal is a self-sustaining population of at least 1,000 Whooping cranes in North America by 2035. See how North America's tallest bird spends a life span that may last over 20 years, and discover efforts to save this iconic species.

Tale of Two Flocks
Follow the seasonal and life events of the two flocks of migratory Whooping cranes. Meet the birds and share their journeys. Explore a rich collection of slideshows, bird biographies, video clips, maps, and photo studies, lessons and activities.

Spring Migration 2017
Watch for periodic migration highlights. For the safety and security of the cranes, we no longer make a real-time map of the migration.

Celebrating Survival
Biologists are working hard to establish additional Whooping crane populations in North America with ongoing reintroductions in Wisconsin (migratory) and Louisiana (nonmigratory). Species recovery is a long-term challenge. Journey North celebrates the stories of survival as we follow the annual cycle of this endangered species of long-lived birds!

The Annual Cycle

Western Flock
Eastern Flock
Biographies of Cranes
How Many Whooping Cranes?

Western Flock Eastern Flock

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