Meet the Whooping Crane Class of 2015
Hatch-year 2015 of the Eastern Flock
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W-10 and parent on June 8, 2015
Bev Paulan, Wisconsin DNR

Crane # W10-15
Date Hatched May 18, 2015
Gender Unknown
Still unbanded as of July 5, 2016.
Left Leg Right Leg


Personality and Training:

Chick #W10-15 hatched in the wild on Necedah NWR to parents #25-09 and #2-04. The chick had good care and was one of three wild chicks to survive to fledge in late summer!

W10_15 was last tracked with its parents on Necedah NWR in early November, before migration. Refuge staff were unable to capture and band this chick. The family left Necedah NWR and were reported for the first time on a wintering area in Kentucky on January 14, 2016. No chick was mentioned, and trackers are currently working on verifying the exact location and whether W10-15 is still with the parents.

#W10 with parents on September 1, 2015
#W-10 on September 1
Beverly Paulan, Wisconsin DNR
Spring 2016: Juvenile W10-15 was photographed alone in Vernon County, Wisconsin on March 26, having already separaed from parents #25-09 and #2-04, who had returned to Necedah NWR as of mid-March. This unbanded juvenile has been seen regularly in Necedah NWR.

Fall 2016: W10-15 is still unbanded and continues to associate with #24-13.

They spent most of the summer at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, moved around Juneau County throughout September and migrated together. They spent winter in Greene County, Indiana with several other Whooping Cranes.


W10-15 (bandless) with mate and another pair
#W-10 (bandless) and pals PR24-13, 14-08 and 24-08 Nov. 2016
Peter Weber
Spring 2017: W10_15 was back in Wisconsin before April 1 and was seen alone at Necedah NWR in Juneau County.
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