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Hatch-year 2015 of the Eastern Flock
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Crane 66-15 DAR
International Crane Foundation

Crane # 66-15 DAR (Kickapoo)
Date Hatched June 11, 2015
Gender Female
Left Leg Right Leg



Personality and Training:

Kickapoo (WCEP 66-15), affectionately called ‘Lil Poo by the interns, arrived on June 16. Kickapoo has been quite the trooper having undergone her fair share of medical issues. All that trouble wasn’t for naught as she is often the first one to take flight when the chicks are taken out for their morning walk.

She was banded Oct. 21. On November 3 the DAR colts were not put back in the pen and were allowed to come and go as they pleased. This was their release to freedom and wildness. They soon were flying and hanging out with sandhills and one adult whooper, #18-11.

Now we just need them to stay with the adult and migrate!

#66, huning for snakes
Hunting for Snakes

Fall 2015: DAR colt 66-15 was reported in Calumet County, Wisconsin on November 25. With a large group of sandhill canes, she migrated from southern Wisconsin to Jasper-Pulaski Wildlife Area in Indiana, and eventually to Lake Co, Florida.

Spring 2016: As of May 11, 66-15 (DAR) was still located in Lake Co, FL but completed migration on May 31 to Racine County, Wisconsin, where she spent the summer and early fall.

Fall 2016: Female 66-15 moved from Racine County to Walworth County in October and was loosely associating with female 2-15. In early November 66-15(F) moved to McHenry Co, IL. and has been hopping back and forth between the two adjacent counties, just on either side of the state line. By December 20 she was reported in Rhea Co, TN. It’s possible she is still in the area and in a spot from where a radio signal is difficult to get.

Spring 2017: Female 66-15 (DAR) began migration north with female 68-15 (DAR) and was reported in LaPorte County, IN by the end of February. She returned (but without 68-15) to Dodge County, Wisconsin, for the summer.

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