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Hatch-year 2015 of the Eastern Flock
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Crane 64-15 DAR
International Crane Foundation
Crane # 64-15 DAR (Winnebago)
Date Hatched June 8, 2015
Gender Female
Left Leg Right Leg




Personality and Training:

As a young chick, Winnebago (WCEP 64-15) , who hatched on June 8, was notorious for her love of spiderwort. None of these plants escaped her bottomless appetite and if she wasn’t tall enough to reach, she would peep louder as if the extra effort would magically teleport the spiderwort to her grasping beak. Despite her voracious appetite as a chick, Winnebago remains the smallest of this cohort and unfortunately, she is often bullied. Ironically, she has the biggest head!

She was banded October 21. On November 3 the DAR colts were not put back in the pen and were allowed to come and go as they pleased. This was their release to freedom and wildness. They soon were flying and hanging out with sandhills and one adult whooper, #18-11.

Now we just need them to stay with the adult and migrate!

#64, banded and preening
Banded and Preening
Fall 2015: Female #64-15 DAR departed on migration with a large group of sandhill cranes a few days before Nov. 24. Her signal was last heard as she traveled over Madison, WI but trackers were unable to locate her due to traffic and snow.

Spring 2016: Crane 64-15 DAR is missing, and was last seen leaving Wisconsin lon fall migration. She was not reported at a winter location nor in Wisconsin since then.

Fall 2016: Crane 64-15 DAR is still missing.

She was presumed dead and removed from the population total in January 2017.

Last Updated: 2/16/2017